Royals Business Park – London (UK)


London Development Agency, Development Securities plc

Site area: 

24 ha


business park with 500.000 m2 of mix use program


Maccreanor Lavington:MLA+, KCAP


Project sheet


Historically the Royal Docks have been a gateway between London and its global markets: a centre for transactions and commerce attracting visitors and residents from all over the world.  We intend to revive the vitality, entrepreneurship and wealth-creation of the Royal Docks’ trading past with a vibrant urban quarter that fulfils a vital role in the 21st century economy. The aim of the masterplan is to redefine one of the largest vacant brownfield sites in the Royal Docks not as somewhere at the edge of the city but as a place with its own centre of gravity and a clear identity.

As a result we convinced the local authority to change ambitions for the Royals Business Park from a mono-functional office park into a mixed use urban quarter. Residential, hotel, community, leisure, school, health and fitness will be introduced to create the critical mass of development and establish a viable sustainable development.


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