Most of our work is about the development of existing urban areas. We offer experience in solving the complex challenges of urban transformation: How to build a new identity starting with the existing situation; how to argue for new development through a wider view on urban improvement; and how to handle the existing interests of the administration, businesses and residents.


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Transforming the existing city and working with its established stakeholders is much more complex than in classic urban planning. A very interactive process is as important as the actual plan. Our Methodology “ Interactive Transformation Process” responds to this new task for the urban planner.

Olympic Legacy Masterplan - London UK

Basin Regeneration Strategy - Voronezh RU

Strategic Cycling Mobility Consultancy - Sao Paulo BR


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We advise to support framework masterplans with urban design guidelines, so that core qualities are safeguarded throughout the development period. Guidelines vary in the degree of freedom and control offered depending on each project. Usually urban design guidelines focus on: Key places, networks, uses, and massing principles.

Chobham Manor – London UK

Dayun Urban Design Guidelines - Shenzhen CN


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Character and quality of cities is strongly determined by the urban structure and the quality of open spaces. To define these key characteristics, it is not necessary to draw up a detailed masterplan. We recommend using a framework plan and strategies which concentrate on the essential urban elements such as open space and water networks, fast and slow networks, and transformation strategies.

Bao’An G107 Regeneration Masterplan - Shenzhen CN

Chobham Manor – London UK

Olympic Legacy Masterplan - London UK


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Urban transformation is often a slow process from discovering the potential of an area to it becoming a fully integrated and vibrant part of the city. This doesn’t need to be a passive time of waiting for change. We are working as curator on the activation of the project sites to put new development locations into the hearts and minds of people.

Guanlan River Activation Plan - Shenzhen CN

Harbour Activation Plan - Rio de Janeiro BR


Our roots as urbanists and housing architects remind us that building the metropolis still means building for people. With cities growing larger and denser we believe it is especially important to consider the human scale, the needs and dreams of people and the everyday experience when developing new places.


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With development sizes reaching the scale of whole neighbourhoods, we advocate to consider them as complete urban ensembles. This means to offer a variety of spaces and programmes to match the diversity of the society and the needs of everyday life.  High densities must be matched by good quality of buildings and the open space in between. A urbanistic view on how  mixed urban ensembles are embedded in the wider surroundings often helps to gain acceptance from the administration and the neighbours.

Blocks and Tower at Blackfriars Road – London UK

Accordia Brooklands Neighbourhood – Cambridge UK

South Gardens Elephant Park – London UK


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The society is changing faster than the built environment. For each new project we and our clients ask, which people and which lifestyle it serves; but we also question how new projects relate to the existing place. We are strong in designing buildings that balance new and old, either by reinventing historic typologies or by creating new types in familiar materials and details.

Saxon Court King’s Cross – London UK  

Hexi German School – Nanjing CN

Liu Xian Dong Micro Apartments – Shenzhen CN


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“Spend the money where it matters” is a slogan often used in our projects. Building volumes and construction logic is usually regular and efficient. Materials and details are durable and well considered. Operation and maintenance costs are usually considered early in the project. Cities without affordable construction will have not citizens.

H10 Hotel – London UK

Saint Andrew’s Housing Block – London UK

Domashniy District Maryino – Moscow RU


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A positive image is important for the success of a project. Our projects tell a story that attracts potential customers and users, because our architecture is contextual and expressive at the same time. Our designs create places that become familiar and loved quickly, and are part of an appealing marketing campaign.

I AM MOSCOW Residential Complex – Moscow RU

Tianxi Twin Towers – Chengdu CN

Kraaiennest Station – Amsterdam NL



We bring our experience into projects with consultancy work that goes beyond the classic architects’ role of leading design teams: through curatorial work we bring stakeholders together; through research we open up new fields of knowledge; through design consultancy we support existing project teams; through guidance papers we give high level advice to policy makers.