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商务拓展经理 Business Development Assistant in Shenzhen
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MLA+ is looking for an BD Assistant 商务助理  for our growing Shenzhen office.



  • 设计、工商管理、行政管理等相关专业本科及以上,3年以上工作经验,外企工作经验者可适当放宽学历及工作经验年限要求;
  • 熟悉规划、建筑设计业务流程,熟悉设计类项目招投标及资料准备,能很好地理解项目工作特性、团队协作与甲方及各合作机构进行有效沟通。具备独立项目商务投标经验者优先考虑;
  • 细致的文件档案管理能力,适应多项目多任务工作模式;
  • 良好的沟通协调及解决问题能力,有责任心、条理性强,执行力强;
  • 熟练操作MS Office等办公软件,有Adobe Suite软件技能或摄影特长者优先考虑;
  • 中英双语书面熟练,具备基本口语能力。



  • Major in design, business management, administrative management. 3 years or above working experience, give priority to the candidate worked in foreign company.
  • Be familiar with the bidding business process of planning and architectural industry including business doc preparation and communication with collaborators & clients. Independent Experience in charge of commercial bidding is preferred.
  • Documents/files management ability, adapt to multitasking operating mode.
  • Good communication and problem finding & solving, strong organization, strong execution ability.
  • Excellent with MS Office and other Office software, Adobe Suite software skills or photography skills is preferred.
  • Chinese/English bilingual proficiency in writing & speaking.



  • 熟悉各招标平台,及时搜集关联项目信息和资讯;
  • 辅助处理项目前期的服务建议书拟定、合同起草与签订、合同管理、项目回款等商务流程;
  • 负责项目投标入库、备案、报名以及商务文件整理、打印、递交全流程。



  • Familiar with the bidding platform, timely collect and digest related project information.
  • Prepare Service Proposal, contract drafting and signing, contract management, project payment collection and other business processes.
  • Responsible for overall project bidding process starting from registering and business document preparation, printing and submission.
Date posted
April 29, 2022
Beginning of employment
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Position: 商务拓展经理 Business Development Assistant in Shenzhen

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