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商务拓展经理 Business Development Manager in Shenzhen
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MLA+ is looking for an Business Development Manager 商务拓展经理 for our growing Shenzhen office.



  • 统筹管理商务事务,根据公司年度发展战略目标,确保商务工作阶段性目标的实现和达成;
  • 负责制定商务推进计划,有针对性地拓展市场,客户拜访,深度挖掘项目合作机会;
  • 根据公司的业务发展,整合多方资源,协调各种公关关系,评估资源的有效性、可合作性,并根据公司决策,跟踪客户机会,制作标书和服务建议书;
  • 协助完成公司商务的整体推进工作,并制定合作方案,包括商务谈判、合同签署、合同跟进、内外资源整合,并对整个商务合作过程和结果负责。


  • Responsible for overall management of business affairs, according to the company's annual development strategic goals, to ensure the realization and achievement of business goals.
  • Responsible for making business promotion plans, targeted market expansion, customer visits, in-depth exploration of project cooperation opportunities.
  • According to the company's business development plan, integrate multiple resources, coordinate various public relations, evaluate the effectiveness and cooperation of resources, track customer and project opportunities, and make bidding documents and service proposals accordingly.
  • Assist to complete the overall business promotion, and formulate cooperation plans, including business negotiations, contract signing, contract follow-up, internal and external resource integration, and be responsible for the whole process and results of business cooperation.



  • 本科及以上学历,5年相关行业工作经验(建筑、规划、景观、工程等专业);
  • 有国际设计公司商务拓展工作经验;
  • 具有较强的语言表达能力和沟通能力,较强的应变能力,具备亲和力,商务谈判、商务礼仪专业技巧;
  • 抗压能力强,接受出差,能够积极推进业务的发展,跟进客户和挖掘客户的需求,维护客户关系;
  • 拥有丰富的本地客群和强大的商业关系者优先。


  • Bachelor degree or above, 5 years working experience in related industry (major in architecture, planning, landscape, engineering, etc).
  • Have business development experience as representative of international design companies.
  • Have strong expression and communication skills, sociability, business negotiation, business etiquette professional skills.
  • Work under pressure, accept business trips, actively promote the development of the business, analysis and dig customers' needs, and maintain customer relations.
  • Broad local customer network and strong business relationships is preferred.
Date posted
April 28, 2022
Beginning of employment
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Position: 商务拓展经理 Business Development Manager in Shenzhen

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