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视觉表达及品宣助理 Visual Design/PR Assistant
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MLA+ is looking for a Visual Design/PR Assistant 视觉表达及品宣助理 for our growing Shenzhen office.



  • 广告学、视觉表达、媒体/市场营销、平面设计等相关专业;
  • 本科及以上学历,1年以上相关专业经验,接受优秀应届毕业生;
  • 熟练使用Microsoft Office和Adobe Suite等专业软件;
  • 具备基本视频编辑能力;
  • 具备良好的审美意识和平面设计能力(含排版、构图、色彩等);
  • 中英双语书面熟练,具备基本口语能力;
  • 具有创造力,热爱设计、工作细致、条理性强、执行力强;
  • 具备较强的沟通交际技巧,表达能力强且具备一定策划能力;
  • 优秀的应届毕业生可考虑作为实习生,实习合格转正助理岗位,全日制实习不少于3个月。



  • Advertising, architecture, Environment arts, media/marketing, graphic design or related major.
  • Bachelor degree or above, 3 years experience in related field, give priority to the candidate worked in foreign company.
  • Excellent in Microsoft Office / Adobe Suite / other professional software.
  • The basic video editing ability.
  • Good sense of aesthetic consciousness and graphic design (including the layout, composition, color etc).
  • Chinese/English bilingual proficiency in writing and speaking.
  • Creative and love design. strong organization, strong execution ability.
  • Strong communication skills, the expression and scheming ability.
  • Excellent fresh graduates can be considered as interns. After qualified internship, they will be transferred to full-time assistant position. Full-time internship should be no less than 3 months.



  • 整理、更新、发布公司作品集及外宣商务资料;
  • 公司周边设计,例如文具、商务礼品包装等;
  • 管理企业微信公众号、官网等平台运营及日常内容策划和撰写;
  • 负责国内外行业奖项申报;
  • 学术展览研究或者讲座交流资讯了解和合作对接;
  • 熟悉规划、建筑设计业务流程,能很好地理解项目工作特性、团队协作与甲方及各合作机构进行有效沟通。



  • Collection , sorting, updating, and publishing company portfolio or business related.
  • Design company peripheral products, such as stationery, business gift packaging.
  • WeChat public platform operation and management.
  • Responsible for China and International industry awards application.
  • Exhibition academic research or lectures cooperation trial.
  • Familiar with the planning and architectural design of business processes.
Date posted
April 29, 2022
Beginning of employment
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Position: 视觉表达及品宣助理 Visual Design/PR Assistant

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