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品牌推广经理 PR Manager
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MLA+ is looking for a PR Manager 品牌推广经理 in Shenzhen for our growing Shenzhen office.



  • 2-5年创意设计行业工作经验,设计、广告、美术、视觉等专业本科及以上院校背景或海外经验者优先;
  • 优秀的审美、艺术修养及创意能力,能清楚的表达设计理念,有创作热情;
  • 对商业逻辑、市场环境、设计趋势及品牌体验设计有一定程度的理解;
  • 具备强设计执行力,能够同时主导并参与多个适合公司短期甚至长期发展需求的策划项目;
  • 具备跨领域设计能力(如三维设计、动态影像、网页设计、UX/UI设计等)者优先;
  • 责任心强,有良好的沟通能力,善于跨团队、跨学科团队沟通和协作解决问题,抗压能力强;
  • 有一定英文沟通和读写能力优先。



  • 2-5 years working experience in creative design industry, Bachelor degree or above in design, advertising, art, vision or other major or overseas experience is preferred.
  • Excellent aesthetic, artistic and creative skills, able to clearly express design concepts, creative enthusiasm.
  • Understanding of business logic, market and design trends and brand experience.
  • Strong design and execution ability, able to lead and participate in a number of short-term or long-term stratefical projects suitable for the company development.
  • Interdisciplinary design skills (such as 3D design, motion imaging, web design, UX/UI design, etc.) are preferred.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, good at cross-team and cross-disciplinary team communication and problem solving, strong ability to work under pressure.
  • Good English communication and reading and writing skills are preferred.




  • 公司作品集
  • 外宣平台界面搭建及维护(网页、微信等)
  • 公司品牌文创周边
  • 展览及学术交流会
  • 奖项申报计划及材料
  • 其他对外宣传资料



According to the project and customer feedback, combined with the trends in relevant fields and the insight into the psychological and behavioral characteristics of target customers, accurately understand the core problems of the project, output effective ideas, and create the overall brand tonality and Peripheral products of MLA+, including but not limited to

- Company portfolio

- Set up and maintain the visual design of platform (webpage, WeChat, etc.)

- Company brand creation Peripheral products

- Exhibitions and academic meeting

- Award application proposal and materials

- Other publicity materials

Date posted
April 29, 2022
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Position: 品牌推广经理 PR Manager

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