On 30 August, after presententing to the jury, MLA+ together with design : : unit, TS-Center and PROMKOD won the 2nd prize for the development of a new tourism cluster in the World’s coldest village, Oymyakon.

22 teams submitted applications for the tourism cluster design competition in Oymyakon, in which three consortium teams were selected in the finalist: ASADOV, MLA + and BAZA14.

Each consortium had both Yakutia and Russian partners, who together drew up masterplans for their projects: the appearance of the area, its functions, options for transport accessibility and accommodation, as well as symbolism and promotion of its tourist ideology. 
On the 30th August, the 3 teams from the finalist presented thier design to the jury. The winning project is from a consortium led by ASADOV. MLA+ together with design : : unit, TS-Center, and PROMKOD won the second prize.
The objective of MLA+ submission is to capitalize Oymyakon’s fame through the development of tourism infrastructure. The slogan “Cross Oymyakon!” refers to the well-known expression “cross the Rubicon”, since traditional means and approaches in the extreme circumstances of Oymyakon look like half measures. The project is a call to a decisive step towards to the desired future, addressed to residents, tourists, researchers, innovators, to be the leadership of the region.

The ecosystem approach is fundamentally important in the project: everything that is created within the framework is created primarily for the residents of Oymyakon in order to ensure better connectivity, accessibility, security and resource provision.

In the target scenario of the project, tourist curiosity is complemented by research. Among the audience there are students with professors, interns, startups and researchers. This changes the picture of employment in Oymyakon – guest center includes scientific residences. In this way, the purpose of touring here is sightseeing adding with scientific exploration.

Oymyakon is a unique platform not only for testing innovative technological solutions, but also a complete transition to a carbon-free infrastructure: air and ground passenger drones, passenger airships, timptons are demonstration houses of new buildings in villages, and guests share common infrastructures with their scientific activities – residences, withdrawals, shelters, airships, supply drones.

More details about the competition can be found on the organizers website.