From September 10 to 12, in three cities of Belarus: Novopolotsk, Polotsk and Novogrudok, experts from UNDP and the Green Cities project, together with the MLA+ team, held participatory meetings with local residents.

The purpose of the event was to identify the needs of local residents for the further development of their areas and to find the resources available for this. To ensure that the information is as complete as possible, we invited representatives of the administration, housing and communal services, local government, educational schools, local business, and students.

Experts first listened to residents, and then showed their proposals for the development of the territory. Thus, it allowed not only to collect information on existing urgent problems, but also to get feedback on the formed project proposals.

All meetings were productive, the results were sometimes unexpected. So, for example, the Novopolotsk district wants to become a new center of attraction in a city with sports infrastructure, the Polotsk region of Gromy is waiting for the development of transport infrastructure and eco-tourism, and in Novogrudok there are slogans: “Young people live, the region lives!”

The next step will be the presentation of the worked out option for each of the cities and the further voting of the residents on the proposed solutions to their tasks today.