MLA+ together with Felixx Landscape Architects and local Guangdong Urban Planning and Design institute have won the 3rd prize in the Buji River competition in Shenzhen

Buji River is the mother river of Shenzhen. It flows through the districts of Longgang and Luohu, and crosses over Luohu center. Luohu district was one of the first districts to develop in Shenzhen and now suffers from urban aging and a declining environmental quality. Therefore, urban transformation is a major topic in this district. Buji River is an important starting point for Luohu district to increase land value, start renewal and transformation processes and improve the urban quality.

The consortium believes that transformation of the Buji riverfront is not going to happen overnight. We therefore proposed a strategic framework that leads Luohu’s development towards a shared vision. The possibility to adapt along the way will be the strength of this framework. We will try to steer the development direction with strategies instead of one blue print.

Our “Luohu re-spring” proposal did not become the winner, but we strongly believe in the values from this project and will use them in our other regeneration projects in the city.

Animation competition entry