MLA+ director Markus Appenzeller interviewed by Business Insider about German housing market

Rents in Germany have increased significantly in the last couple of years. Affordable housing became a rare entity in most German cities. MLA+ Markus Appenzeller was interviewed by Business Insider Germany about this topic and shared his thoughts and experiences.

“Germany has to be careful that the situation does not develop as in London. There is a clear distribution: rich people live in the center, the poorer in the commuter belt. As a result, no police or nurses can afford more apartments in the city center,”  Markus stated.

He adds to this: “The measures for social housing in Germany are not enough. The cities rarely have a clear idea of ​​how they want to fix the problem. Those responsible are in a dilemma. Now the rents are high and now the flats are missing – but it takes five to ten years until a new residential complex is planned and built. There are two different strands of time that make decisions fail. After all, prices could be much lower in ten years and sufficient housing available.”

More statements and background information in the article. The article is in German, but can be easily translated by online translating software.

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