Water as Leverage – the program MLA+ is part of – won the Dutch Design Award 2020 for best commissioning

The Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities Asia (WaL) programme initiated by the Dutch government is the winner of the Dutch Design Awards 2020 in the ‘Best Commissioning’ category.

The winner was announced in a broadcasted live show last saturday. In the show, Henk Ovink, the Netherlands Special Envoy for International Water Affairs explained the purpose of the program and what has been achieved so far. He stressed that winning this award is a joint effort of all Water as Leverage partners. Their commitment and dedication made the programme a success, therefore, a big compliment to all of them: “This award is not exclusively for the government of the Netherlands but our Award. It is an important acknowledgement of our continuing partnership to use design, water and ongoing joint efforts to make a difference”, he stated.

MLA+ is one of the partners in this program, working on a comprehensive water masterplan for the Indonesian city of Semarang. We are proud and happy that being part of that program not only is in the process of delivering results and improvements on the ground but also a program that gets recognized for its unique approach to solving complex urban transformation challenges, using water as their leverage.

MLA+ is involved in a whole series of urban transformation and development plans where water plays a crucial role and will keep building on this experience to jointly with local and international partner work on what is the biggest challenge in the decades to come – dealing with climate change and loss of bio diversity through too much or too little water.

The Dutch Design Awards were presented during Dutch Design Week, the largest yearly design event in Northern Europe. During the Dutch Design Week, all the projects from both nominees and winners were exhibited online in exhibitions on the DDW platform.