MLA+ Director Markus Appenzeller interviewed by one of Germany’s biggest newspaper Der Tagesspiegel about housing in Berlin

“Cities need to take action themselves if they would like to keep their city affordable. Leaving it to the market doesn’t work”, is the main message of Markus Appenzeller. He was interviewed by one of Germany’s biggest newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

“MLA+ wants to create architecture and structures for real people in real cities. The office is therefore more likely to be active in low-cost mass housing, but in some cities this has become more of a niche market.”

“In recent years, the world economy has become much more complex. Especially in local politics, the danger is high that decisions are made in good faith and sometimes naivety. Therefore, you should get experts from the industry in the city planning offices, so you can fight here at eye level.”

“Most notably. Berlin is facing a huge challenge. The international capital flows flow extremely fast and meet urban development processes, which are very slow. In Berlin, this has created a dynamic that is much larger than in established real estate capital markets such as Hamburg or Frankfurt. Berliners feel the effects of the rented housing share of 85 percent much more than residents of other cities with higher ownership. Berlin must therefore quickly develop targeted counterstrategies.”

Interested to read more? The full article can be read online [in German].

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