We help citizens to upgrade their courtyards in Kazan, Russia

Last week, MLA+ Director Yana Golubeva was part of a very special event in Kazan that might change the way cities are planned in Russia.

Kazan launched a unique program of rehabilitation “наш двор” (Our Courtyard). 6.500 courtyards in the whole federal state of Tatarstan will be upgraded within the next 3 years. This challenge opens up a lot of possibilities to rethink how we deal with built areas in post soviet context: Large mikrorayons (micro districts) were planned as big open spaces for all, private outdoor space did not exist. Regenerating the courtyards now opens up possibilities of altering that and creating inner streets, new boundaries between private and public and private, semi-public and public spaces.

Yana is a member of a group of experts that was invited to advice on the best strategy for this huge task. The group came up with 7 principles that were positivly mt by the President of Tatarstan. In the next steps a big role is reserved for the local residents which as seen as the drivers and key actors of the changes that they plan together with professionals, helping them with construction and regulation knowledge.

Stay tuned for the next steps.