MLA+ together with Zhubo Design selected for Urban Design for the Dynamic Development Belt of Shenzhen Longgang River, China

As the mother river of Longgang District, Longgang River rises in Wutong Mountain. It is the river with the largest drainage area and the only river flowing from south to north and west to east in Shenzhen. Longgang River possesses good ecological background resources and big redevelopment potential of land along the river. However, Longgang River also has problems such as fragmentation of the river shoreline, lack of integration between the river and the city and the lack of waterfront vitality.

Therefore, the Shenzhen Longgang District People’s Government organized the Longgang competition to receive integrated urban development ideas and land development models for a 1km wide area along the 20km long Longgang river.

Along with three other teams, MLA+ and Zhubo will further develop the concept proposal into an urban design proposal. Results expected in December.