MLA+ in top three Ming Lake urban park competition, Shenzhen

Ming Lake area is located away from the central development corridor of Shenzhen, within a district that is rapidly catching up with the transformation wave from informal growth and low-end manufacturing to higher value production and service industry and a city with quality of life.

Our regeneration and landscape masterplan is based on three principles: 1. To use landscape as a catalyst for quality of life for people, as well as for flora and fauna; 2. To bring the natural, wild character of the region into the modern city by working with still remaining elements of nature as well as design for and with local climate; and 3. How to let people experience water.

Ming Lake is not a formal park. It is a breathing space to balance the hectic urban lifestyle with activities closer to nature. With soft design solutions it gives space to slow down stormwater during monsoon season. In the big picture Ming Lake is becoming a place with an identity, and therefore a valuable part of an emerging wider system of open spaces within the transforming district.

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