The consortium lead by MLA+ is the winner of the design competition for Petrovskaya Emabnkment in Voronezh, Russia

Yesterday, the consortium consisting of MLA+, Knight Frank, insight and OTS presented the proposal for the regeneration of Petrovskaya Embankment in Voronezh as one of three competitors.

The jury consisting of experts and local representatives chose our proposal as the winner of the competition that will be implemented. We proposed the keep the area’s character as a beachfront with a sandy beach intact. While preserving the spirit of the place, we add smaller interventions that make it more usable and allow for the water’s edge to experience it in different ways. This leads to a waterfront that in many ways differs from common practice in Russia nowadays. Rather than turning it into a highly designed garden, we chose to keep the natural setting and create something that truly represents the identity of the place – a space that in many ways celebrates the unique character of Voronezh with its sweet water basin going right through the center of the city.

The result of the competition will be further developed in the coming months with implementation expected to start in the spring of 2020.

An animated explanati0n of the project can be found here (in Russian)

ЧЕРНОЗЕМНОМОРЬЕ – Black Earth Beach short movie


More about the competition and the result can be found on the official website (in Russian)