MLA+ Director Markus Appenzeller will deliver key-note speech the 1st of December during 8th International Landscape Planning and Design Conference in Xiamen

The theme of the Design Conference is ‘Future Village’, which main purpose is to respond to the call of the Party Central Committee to promote a healthy development of the Chinese countryside.

MLA+ Markus Appenzeller is going to address the topic of China’s ruralism. Or more specifically how urban planners and policy makers can respond to the phenomenon of shrinking rural regions. In his key-note speech, Markus will not only address that question, but also present 4 themes with action points.

Other speakers are among other James Hitchmough, Dean of the School of Landscape Studies University of Sheffield; Luis Paulo Faria Ribeiro, Dean of the School of Landscape University of Lisbon; Zhuang Weimin, Dean of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University; Liang Qindong, Director of Landscape Design Greater China AECOM Planning and Design.

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