MLA+ together with CAUPD are shortlisted as 1 of 5 teams to participate in the Qianhai Unit 8&10 Competition. It is our third project in Qianhai this year.

Unit 8&10 is the key site of Qianhai Bay in Shenzhen. The competition is seeking for urban design advice on how to create a city center with cultural buildings in a mixed-use district. 
It is our third Qianhai project within this year. The other two are: Qianhai Landmark Design Competition and Public Space Design Competition. We are excited for this opportunity of Unit 8&10 Urban Plan, as it is located in an area we know very well. To the North-East we have just presented our proposal for public space design. To the West we will start working on a landmark public art site soon. And our Shenzhen office is located just a few metro stops away.
Other participating teams are:
+ Why Art Projects, Estudie Herreros
+ Nikken Sekkei
+ KCAP, Zhubo

Official Announcement