We are exhibiting our work on the layers of development of St. Petersburg at Seoul Biennale taking place between September and November 2019 

In recent years, MLA+ has been investigating the development of Russian city of St. Petersburg.  We have been identifying densification potential and methods and tools how to achieve that and how allow the second largest city of the country to develop within its boundaries instead of eating more and more land outside its boundaries. The work also illustrates, how this process can be used to improve the urban fabric and to resolve pending problems. 

Our work will be exhibited at the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism which is taking place between September and November 2019 on various spots in South Korea’s capital. The contribution of MLA+ forms part of the Cities Exhibition curated by Yim Dongwoo and Rafael Luna which investigates how different places on which all are city develop as a response to its very local challenges.

On 6. September, Yana Golubeva, director of MLA+ and based in St. Petersburg, will give a lecture in Seoul, introducing the method, process and findings of our work. 

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