On July 15, Shenzhen Yantian Municipality officially announced the final result of the International Competition for Shenyan Road Landscape Improvement Project. In which MLA+ and HOPE won the first place. Congratulations and thanks to all members of the project team!

This was a competition for a street landscape design, 7km with 5 key nodes on top of a new metro line in Shenzhen’s Yantian district. MLA+ is leading this submission. Local landscape architects HOPE are in the team and advise on transport, water and planting.

We are especially happy with this result, because the competition was high: The three main local planning institutions CAUPD, UPDIS and LAY-OUT, plus AECOM and Obermeyer.

The expert jury voted for our scheme with 6 out of 7. The politicians and heads of departments followed this vote.

The next stage of work has already kick off. We will be working on the integration of concepts, and the Schematic landscape design of key nodes. The metro line is already under construction, so this design will be realised in the coming years.