Together with the locals we are in search for the (+) at Blankenburger Süden, Berlin

We believe that intense interaction with stakeholders can have a positive impact on projects. Currently, together with UmbauStadt and Fugmann Janotta & Partner we are one of the teams engaging in an interactive communication and design process for the future development of the South end of Blankenburg at the edge of Berlin.

Last week, the second community workshop took place and created quite a stir. Several hundred people attended our presentation and the presentations of the other two teams. After, an interesting and engaged debate started that delivered valuable insights and input for our next steps in refining our planning proposal.

In the coming weeks we will further develop our plan to be ready for the next workshop on March 9th. The final results and the recommendations of the jury can be expected at the end of April.

More about the area and the plans of the City of Berlin  (in German)