MLA+ colleague Andrei Golovin is one of the experts to advise the Russian State Duma on improving the urban development standards and policies. Yesterday a presentation showed the outcome of the work.

The issue of introducing new approaches to the planning of Russian cities was discussed at The State Duma meeting yesterday, 25.6.2019.

In Russia, an understanding has begun to emerge more clearly that the currently practiced model of urban development, that was developed in the last century, does not meet the interests. desires and ideas about a comfortable life of modern city users and residents. Strelka KB Design Bureau has been commissioned by the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation and by the Agency House of the Russian Federation to conduct colossal research and design work in terms of studying the best practices and developing approaches and methods of city planning adapted to Russian conditions. Our colleague Andrei Golovin with his thorough and extensive knowledge of the Russian planning system is one of the experts involved. 

The result of the work was presented for review to the State Duma commission charged with the subject. The discussion arose about giving status to the finding and the subsequently developed standards. The two documents presented “Standard” or “Methodology” are still the working names of what could become the new regulatory framework for urban planning in Russia.

A political debate has begun with certainly more to be expected in the near future. MLA+ is happy to contribute to this planning policy debate in our quest to improve the life of people in cities and beyond.