MLA+ wins the second prize in Transsion Headquarter highrise competition in Shenzhen, China

MLA+ won the second prize in a highrise competition for Chinese mobile phone service provider Transsion.

The design reflects the philosophy of the company that started in Shenzhen but since has expanded its mobile phone networks across large parts of the south-east Asian and African world. The local roots and the international outlook can be found back in the companies HQ tower in Shenzhen. Around the ground, the building opens itself to the public and introduces a finer grain in an area otherwise dominated by large-scale volumes. At the top, a ‘compass needle’ reflects the firm’s global ambitions.

MLA+ was awarded the second prize in the competition which was won by AEDAS. The competition featured a number of well-known highrise design companies, including RMJM and Shenzhen-based Zhubo.

More about the results can be found here (in Mandarin)