MLA+ together with relais Landschaftsarchitekten have won the first prize in landscape competition Veitshöchheim in Germany

The competition consisted of a 21.000m2 landscape design part developed by relais Landschaftsarchitekten and a supporting urban design developed by MLA+.

The new bridge between Veitshöchheim and Margetshochheim leads to a restructuring of the place. In the landscape design, open spaces around the former and the new bridgehead are developed as complementary sites for the residents and guests of the community. At the same time, the important reference to the water that is present in the history of Veitshöchheim is continued. The concept picks up the structure of flowing streamlines in the river. They form a contrast to the organizational structures of the town and court garden and convey the connection between the two spatially separate open spaces along the river. Due to the orientation of the topography and elements, the design acts as a platform for the river landscape.

As part of the competition, the northern area will be supplemented by an urban planning part of 0.6 ha, the southern area by an urban development part with 1.2 ha area. The urban concept takes up the promenade of the Mainlände, which has been designed for this purpose, and strengthens its relevance for life in Veitshöchheim and for the townscape. The polarity of urban and scenic landscapes creates space for a variety of new ways of appropriating and new perceptions of the river. Residents and guests of the community can “land” here to find recreation, sporting offers and always new impressions of the river landscape.