MLA+ together with A24 Landschaft wins second prize in Voronezh Central Park landscape competition

The Central Park of Voronezh is a place with a rich history. Throughout time it was used as an exhibition place to showcase the richness of the Voronezh region. At the same time, many people use and enjoy the park. After analysing the environment and talking to local experts, MLA+ thinks the park does not need one big idea, but needs to build upon many faces of its current identity. The existing central spine will remain its more formal character. At the same time, new entrance parks are added.

In the proposal of MLA+, the park should not be one thing, but rather a series of parks related to the surroundings. The ‘one valley’ and ‘1000 stories park’ demonstrates a careful approach to forest areas, develops biodiversity and stimulates ecological education. Here there is both a place for city-wide events as for quiet contemplation and walks through the forest.