MLA+ together with Deltares, FABRICations, PT Witteveen + Bos Indonesia , INDIP, UNISSULA and IDN Liveable Cities have made it into the Water as Leverage for Resilient Cities Asia next phase organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

The objective of the competition is to develop bankable, innovative and comprehensive proposals for urban water projects for the cities of Chennai (India), Khulna (Bangladesh) and Semarang (Indonesia) to address the urgent water and climate adaption needs.

With the proposal ‘Cascading Semarang, steps to inclusive growth’, the consortium including MLA+ made it to the second phase of the call for action for the city of Semarang in Indonesia.

Semarang is a port city on the north coast of the Indonesian island of Java that is stretched between the sea and the hills. Because of its central position, it is of strategic importance for domestic trade and transit. However, Semarang has a strongly fluctuating coastline, created by natural sedimentation processes and man-made sea-harvested areas. The coast was formerly protected by long stretches of mangrove forest. Urbanization and aquafarming are the main causes of the mangrove forest’s decline, which in turn has led to coastal erosion, flooding and salinization


In the coming months, the consortium will participate actively in the local design workshops organized in their selected city.

Official notification