Our Weissensee Campus proposal is a winner!

Good news for MLA+ and Berlin. Together with Lohrengel Landscape we won the competitive dialogue for Campus Weissensee.
Campus Weissensee is an extension of the already existing premises of Weissensee University of the Arts.
The urban development concept is derived from the context, uses existing qualities and develops them further. The first urban development priority, apart from the spaces that are created, is a strong connection to the local neighbourhood. By continuing the green belt to the east of the site to Bühringstraße and connecting the mixed-use-are south of the site to Am Steinberg, an optimized connection and accessibility is created, underlining the open character of the campus.
Four clusters are developed, clearly organized around a central square, which forms the hinge between old and new.
All new functions on the campus with a public character have a face and presence to this square. The result is a lively place and meeting spot of high quality.
The other competing parties were:
ISSS with OCTAGON and HEIDE & VON BECKERATH with Atelier Miething
In the coming months, the plan will be further developed and further detailed in key aspects of the development. Stay tuned for updates.