Weiyuan Island Forest Park: History and Nature as drivers of a different lifestyle.

Together with the Guangzhou Landscape Planning and Design Institute MLA+ won the International Competition of Conceptual Design for Weiyuan Island Forest Park in Dongguan, Southern China. Weiyuan Island is an emerging leisure and recreation destination, adding to the quality of life in the Greater Bay Area between Macau and Hong Kong.

Our winning entry proposed to use the relative lack of development in an otherwise fast-forward urban environment as an opportunity to create a different place. An island where history and nature given a prominent place and an island, where development is integral and not only focused on buildings.

The second prize was awarded to Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Survey Research Institute & AECOM and the third prize went to Shenzhen LAY-OUT & OKRA.

In the months to come, we will work with our partners and the local administration to evolve the plan towards a legal document with supporting strategies.

Read the official announcement.

A more detailed description of the project in Chinese can be found here.