MLA+ Shenzhen Xiangmi Park Science Library published on Designboom and influential online Chinese magazine Gooood

The beautiful pictures by photographer Vlad Feoktistov show the spectacular scenery of the library as well as the library itself.

The steel structure and the all glass fa├žade form the base of the light and airy appeal of the building. Big cantilevers of powder coated metal serve as sun shading and make reference to local vernacular architecture. The program consists of a meeting room, a reading room, the book magazine, a terrace and offices for administration. Public spaces are lifted from the ground to emphasize the experience of nature and to create a vista terrace.

The library also is a public staircase. It serves as a connecting element between the level of the bridge with the ground floor. Perched in between the trees, the building offers an ever-changing experience of its surrounding landscape. This experience varies from floor to floor. With its dematerialized ground floor, it becomes a part of the shaded forest floor. Structural elements blend with the surrounding tree trunks. Upper levels sit in between the dense canopy of leaves and therefore have a more enclosed, intimate feeling. The very top floor offers the views of the surroundings and the city. Experiencing the library is like climbing a tree – a tree of knowledge.

Pictures and more text can be found on Designboom and Gooood.

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