After the jury’s decision, MLA+ together with Collier and Atelier Dreiseitl has been selected for the Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Coastal Area Urban Plan Competition. The results are expected to be submitted in mid-October.

Xiaomeisha is located in the Eastern golden coastline of Shenzhen, and only 28 kilometers away from Shenzhen Futian Central District. The area is surrounded by three mountains, faces the sea, with excellent natural resources. The comprehensive coastal resort intergrates functions such as tourism, vacation, leisure, conferences and catering. It has more than 30,000 visitors on the peak days, therefore it enjoys the reputation of “Hawaii in the East”.

The scope of this plan includes two levels:

1, Masterplan study: with a total area of about 383 hectares, of which the coastal zone is about 157 hectares and the land area is about 226 hectares.
2. Detailed planning and design: focusing on the Xiaomeisha Coastal Zone, it consists the sea area (141 hectares) and the coastal land construction area (16 hectares).

Official Announcement