MLA+ team has been declared the winner of the competition for the detailed planning for Xiaomeisha Coastal Zone in Shenzhen, China

MLA+, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl and Colliers win the competition for the detailed design for Xiaomeisha Coastal Zone. The winning team was selected out of a group of 6 shortlisted offices. 

Runner ups were

Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen, Tekuma Frenchman Urban Design LLC, The Pearl River Hydraulic Research Institute


New Design Architecture with CCCC Water Transportation Consultants


The jury consisted of Dong Guanzhi, Li Lanfang, Tom Leader, Henk Ovink,­­­ Shi Kequan, Shen Tongsheng, Yu Xingguang, Zhu Rongyuan, Qiu Gang and Zhu Rongyuan

The proposal of the MLA+ lead team consisted of three parts addressing the key issues for the development of Xiaomeisha’s beach front:

  • Reconnecting the mountains with the sea
  • A holistic resilient environment
  • A thriving and economically viable beach resort

The three topics are addressed in an interwoven way, always seeking additional benefits for all measures proposed. In achieving this, a new beachfront emerges that respects the unique marine environment while allowing visitors to experience in a way that balances leisure and nature. 

Detailed planning will start in due course with the next milestones expected in the summer of 2020. 


More details about the competition

Watch the project explanation animation