MLA+ and MR-Group’s ‘Seliger City’ project starts on site

The residential neighbourhood ‘Seliger City’ has started construction. The project was designed by MLA+ for Moscow based developer MR-Group. Once completed, it will become a new middle class housing neighbourhood in the North-west of Moscow right adjacent to a new metro station.

The design aims at combining very high densities with the goal to create a human scale environment. Arranged around a large public courtyard, the project consists of highrise and low rise buildings that form a new neighbourhood in the middle of the city while providing ample outdoor and community facilities. An H-shaped highrise complex forms the monumental gate to the complex and will be highly visible from the busy roads passing the site.

Official construction start was celebrated in a foundation ceremony that took place last week Friday. Construction of the first phase is expected to take 1.5 years.

More on the project can be found on the sales website and on the website of the developer MR-Group.